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Maintenance method of Cartier mechanical watch

作者:卡地亚维修   日期:2021.01.17

Maintenance method of Cartier mechanical watch

After hundreds of years of development, the watch has become an important accessory to show identity and taste from a simple timing tool. It's especially important for male friends! But when we have a good watch, we can't just wear it and neglect the maintenance. Maintenance is very important to watch, it can extend the service life of our watch! Now Beijing Cartier after-sales service center will introduce the maintenance method of Cartier mechanical watch for you!

A Cartier mechanical watch is often expensive, so how to maintain the Cartier Watch and how much is the maintenance cost? The professional technicians of Beijing Cartier maintenance center suggest that the corresponding maintenance should be done every two to three years, such as replacing waterproof elements, testing the travel time performance and movement power consumption, cleaning the movement, and maintaining the appearance. Such maintenance service will effectively extend the service life of Cartier mechanical watch The service life of the system is long.


Generally speaking, the mechanical watch should be maintained once in two to three years. During the maintenance, all the parts of Cartier Watch should be disassembled, the movement should be wiped with 120 gasoline, and then other instruments in the watch should be cleaned by professional equipment, and finally oiled and assembled. In addition to the parts inside the watch, when cleaning the Cartier Watch, you also need to polish the watch shell. Because Cartier Watch requires very high technical parameters, so cleaning Cartier Watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning usually takes several days to complete. After such a complex professional cleaning, old watches can generally be repaired to 80% new.

It takes a certain amount of money to clean the watch, especially for the famous watch with tens of thousands of yuan, and the maintenance cost is even higher. According to the quality of watches, the cost of dismantling and washing varies. For example, the maintenance cost of Cartier mechanical watches is 1500-2500 yuan. For gold watches, the maintenance cost is 3000-5000 yuan or more.

Beijing Cartier after sales service center address: 6 / F, block W3, Wangfujing Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District, Beijing. If you need to repair your Cartier Watch, you can send it to the service center directly.

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